Saturday, April 23, 2005

what kinda mickey mouse operation is this?


Blimunda said...

Great picture.


Johnno said...

Uncle Walt is puffing on a gasper!

My whole world has just turned UPSIDE DOWN.

I notice your profile pic has got a little newer and that you've got a little older (sans doobie). That pic reminds me of Sir Cliff.

cue: Twilight Zone theme

Rainex said...

Just to say hey-got
your link off Lindy's

sleepybomb said...

thank you susana, i love that you love nina too. . . i'll be by often.

open, i am feelin subversive this week, the doobie is back, and i am feelin' younger.

rainex. . . who is lindy? i am intrigued. but it is a good thing she link me so that ya found this . . .

Laurie said...

That's what I get for reading all my favorite blogs just once a week. Walt Disney! That's just great.