Sunday, September 25, 2005

and the hits just keep on coming ...

we hope all our friends and family that lived in the path of rita are all right. we have a bunch of relatives in lake charles we haven't heard from yet, but they all got out and should be safe. it didn't look very fun to ride out rita ...

a few of my blog buddies are from beaumont, texas ... they made it out ok and are well. check out 'do you know what it means to miss new orleans' and 'in search of dave ...' to read their fun-filled adventures with rita.

now for a few observations ...
... isn't it heartwarming to know that texas is as prepared as anybody when it comes to clearing a major city. they are very lucky rita decided to head north or a lot of people woulda got caught at home, (they turned back because of lack of supplies), or caught on the road, (because of lack of supplies). did the government officials not think about any of this before they yelled 'get out now!' ... how in the hell do they think there will be an evacuation of any city even if there is no 3 days notice, like for an earthquake or terrorist attack. yeah, we feel much, much safer after rita, for sure.
there was some local politician saying on cnn that they didn't expect everyone to leave at once, doh! so we guess it's the citizen's fault, again ... (honey, did you pack the porta-john and 50 gal. drum of gas for the ride?), altho the sight of empty hummers lining the hi-way was pretty funny.
and still those venerated members of 'the league of in-justice', (dee-lay, frisk, his high-horseness and their lackeys), were all grinning, glad handing and back patting to one another about a 'job well done' ... yeah, we feel a damn lot safer now.
they're very, very lucky rita turned north.

and is it just us or did all the media seem just a wee bit sad rita never smacked galveston and houston. they we're positively giddy at the thought of a another major weather related media-coup. reporters setting up camp on the beach, acting as if 20 mph winds were blowing them around while pedestrians strolled easily along in the background, and meanwhile back in the cozy studio they were counting the minutes by reminding the viewers about the 1900 storm with thousands dead, or claiming complete devastation of the oil industry (and hence america), all done with the latest google maps of the houston area and high-tech graphics of flood predictions of southeast texas. we never did see what the louisiana coast would look like flooded til the day after, since that's where the damage was ... and the media wasn't.
and what the fuck is up with that rita cosby on msnbc? where the hell did she come from? all of a sudden she is everywhere, well, anywhere there is a near-breaking story, with a voice that sounds like a 10 pack-a-day 80 year old marathon runner in need of oxygen. she was annoying enuff in aruba, (where she was caught pants down after katrina hit, tho she did make it back to the easy to milk the suffering for a few days), but in a hurricane she's a ditzy peroxide-blonde chicken little, 'cameraman, get a shot of the sky ... its falling!!!!' ... 'oh my, oh my, oh my, the water is high!'
where the hell did she come from? she was so hoping they woulda got hit she was about in tears.
oh! the humanity, and sadly only one loss of life ...

finally, it is also very reassuring that our 'commander-in-grief', (while hiding in a cave somewhere in colorado, (shades of bin laden!), because the white house is too close to cindy this week and crawford is too close to rita), is proposing that the military take over in all natural disasters. this coming from the same knuckleheads that are handling the mess they call 'operation iraqi freedom' and who had the keystone cop mentality in which they dealt with katrina, (change the channel so 'w' doesn't see the news, better yet, let him out to play) ... what a joke, we shouldn't let these fools become dog-catchers in a one dog town. he tried to wrangle new orleans from blanco by manipulation and that didn't work, now he wants those take-it-up-the-butt idiots in congress to give him more power to make up for his lack of vision and class/colored blindness. they should all be tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered and run outta town on a rail, then sent to iraq to fix the problem he created, (and congress endorsed), before they have anything to do with us... sorry, no more power deals for you, come back in 3 years ...

so, just give us the money we need this time to fix it , not to halliburton or your other cronies, and leave us alone. we were doing fine for almost 400 years, thank you very much, before you diverted funds to play in the desert with those tanks and bombs we bought ya while you cranked up the energy paying no heed to global warming warnings so yer buddies could profit. despicable, and you wanna run my reconstruction?
don't you guys have another nation to rebuild already?

... here's a few tunes that fit our mood (via yousendit):

peter gabriel - here comes the flood

randy newman - mr president (have pity on the working man)

r.e.m. - it's the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)

paul simon - homeless


Mommy said...

I read on a local paper's site that they are having the same slow federal response to this disaster as with Katrina. Don't take my word for it though... Read here:

I DID see a FEMA convoy truck at a Home Depot here in BR today. The FEMA truck driver wheeled his cart out, loaded his truck bed, and then LEFT THE CART IN THE MIDDLE OF A HANDICAPPED PARKING PLACE. Moments later, I saw a handicapped driver pull up, have to get out of his vehicle to move the FEMA guy's cart, and then finish parking.

FEMA: Helping out, one handicap space at a time.

sleepybomb said...

if it wasn't so sad, it would be funny . . . fema, federal emergency mismanaged agency ...
glad ya'll are ok. and here is a toast to a fall w/ no more gulf bitches, (why are they all wimmen that strike louisiana and texas, and all the guy storms love fla) ...
i'm gonna check that site, thanks

dickvandyke said...


I thought of you last night as I saw Mr Ray Davies open his UK Tour in York, England. You would've loved it mate - of that I'm certain. It was truly special.
Perhaps I'll post something if time permits. He said some great things about his love for New Orleans. (eg 'The locals really took to me sayin, "Hey Honky, are you really that motherfucker who wrote Lola?") After the 3rd encore - a blues then rock 'You Really Got Me' - he finally left the stage to .. 'the Road To New Orleans ..'

Cheerio mate.
Love and strength.

sleepybomb said...

thanks mr van dyke,
i've been blessed to see the kinks quite a few times in new orleans, and even have a copy of the schoolboys in disgrace show from tulane in 1978. (ray was seen walking around the french quarter after the show). he always had fun in new orleans.
i woulda thought he would be a bit ambivilent about the easy after almost getting his ass shot off. so it is great to hear he has no ill will about the incident or to the new orleans people, who as a whole are the most friendliest lot i have ever met during my travels around this big ol' world
i look forward to seeing something about the show on 'the wife'.