Sunday, September 11, 2005

gumbo ya ya!

one of our fond blog buddies is completely ripped about what happened to new orleans. danno is a chef who lives in detroit and runs the 'nola cuisine' and 'new orleans cuisine' blogs. he posts the best recipies for all sorta new orleans dishes. and we can truly say they hit the mark. the boy really knows his shit... and i still can't believe he ain't from the easy. it seems he gets down there as often as possible and the first thing he does is head for central grocery for a muffalatta. i guess that's why he's so good at the cookin' stuff.

... for awhile s.a. had a hell of a time making beignets, too small, crunchy not fluffy ... until she used danno's method, (she asked me how to, but i claimed ignorance ... 'how can that be?' she asked, 'you've eaten thousands.' i just grinned and said, 'i know how to turn a t.v. on and off too, but i can't build one.' that is when she went to danno's for advice ... good thing too, they came out perfect!)

he recently posted about file, (pronounced 'fee-lay), the yummy stuff that gives gumbo it's appeal to so many, and i just immediately flashed on the dr. john song, 'pot's on fiyo (file gumbo)', the one with the girls singing 'file, file, file, file, file gumboooo'. i told danno how everytime i use file on something i just break out into that song, 'specially in public, (much to s.a.'s grimace), and he admitted the same. i started thinking that new orleans probably has more songs about food than any city. no wonder, look at all the great food that comes from there. just something else to celebrate in song. the food from there does that to people, (hell, i think i'd kill for a real po' boy about now). so this post is for danno, for i am sure he is hurting like we are ...

we ordered a pizza from someplace, it was good ... like cardboard. i ate a piece and some wing-age as i was searching for gumbo and crawfish pics for the post. s.a. just punched me and told me to knock it off. just the sight of it was making her nuts ... it was bumming me out too. god we need a po' boy!

oh, and we were listening to these songs as we drank plenty of wine to chase the pizza hut taste away ...

dr john, the night tripper - pot's on fiyo (file gumbo)

dave bartholomew - shrimp and gumbo

smiley lewis - gumbo blues

fats domino - jambalaya

i was gonna rip the benefit show from last night and post some of the tunes, but was too late off the mark ... maybe catch the reruns, it was very good tho, as far as that goes ...
shelter from the storm

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