Wednesday, September 28, 2005

let the good times roll!

my sister, angel, and her husband jacques, are part owners of a wonderful lil french bistro on esplanade ave. in new orleans called cafe degas.
we all thought our fave restaurant was gonna be a total loss in the first weeks after hurricane katrina. all the satellite photos showed water all around the little building, (it is near city park which was innundated), and it just didn't look real good. the news was already known about their home in lakeview, which was flooded beyond repair, and it is with great relief that we found out the cafe came out of it in a not-too-bad condition.
a friend had gotten down to the cafe the other day and took some photos of the damage. it was nothing as feared. jacques says he could fix it in a weekend. he cracks us up!

even the bar got out unscathed, with a bottle of wine still sitting untouched, as well as the racks of glasses ...

the cafe degas is quite unique, it has that tree in the middle that the building surrounds and a patio facing the oak tree-lined avenue, (well, there were oak trees, one is now in the restaurant). the dining area is open, yet very intimate and the wait staff are always friendly and very french-like. it's a very likable little place that has a huge clientele that is more like family ... and they have the best damn french onion soup we have ever had.

it looks as though that little tree held its ground. good thing too, if it woulda gone, the building would have followed ... (jacques says he wants to lose the tree now. i told him they should put a plaque on it since it rode out two hurricanes in 3 weeks. angel is now calling it 'katrita'!)

so spirits are a lot higher this morning. angel, jacques and the 2 boys are gonna be moving in to the metry wreckhouse a.s.a.p., we (s.a., kimmy and her new kid payton, three dogs, a cat and me), are gonna move in with them after the new year and we'll all be one big happy family as we work to help them get their (and the city's) shit together.
this should be exciting ... laissez les bons temps rouler!

some interesting blogs about katrina (with great photos):
operation eden

on the lighter side of insanity ...
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... and now for some fun new orleans mp3s (via yousendit):
tommy ridgely - i'm looped
shirley and lee - let the good times roll
dave bartholomew - good jax boogie
clarance 'bon ton' garlow - new bon ton roule


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear some good news! Good luck to them in their rebuilding.

sleepybomb said...

thanks girl, where ya been so long? things be gettin' better all the time. we are so ready to get down there and get our little fingers dirty and pick up the pieces . . . ah, the oppertunities abound!

Anonymous said...

Have been busy trying to keep my life together. However, I do still have my house; it's still on a foundation and I still have a job so in comparison to Katrina and Rita victims I'm living high.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Enjoyed the pics of you, New Orleans, etc.

dickvandyke said...

Me darlings
Have stuck a Ray Davies post up.
"The music will always play"

Dick (it's not my real name you know!)

sleepybomb said...

i think anybody with a house feels lucky these days sweetheart, and i'm glad you enjoyed the photos ...

and mr van dyke (i had a sneakin' suspicion that wasn't yer real name), that post about ray was great, and i am so damn jealous i wasn't there with ya'll to enjoy that show. but i had fun, how ever vicariously, anyways. thanks !

dickvandyke said...

A pleasure our kid. Having you lot around makes blog street a better place to play on.
Don't let more that 7 minutes of waking hours pass without a smile.

dickvandyke said...

Sorry to go on ...(I'm on a roll!)..
See the recent letter by Ray Davies to the London Times re New Orleans at
Also see the reviews after his night at the Albert Hall this week.
And finally, look out for a new song of his called "After The Fall". It's something else.

sleepybomb said...

mr dvd, you are more than welcome to roll around the w'room anytime ya want ...
yer just a fountain of useful info about ray! we'll check the link, (thanks), and where is that fresh tune to be found? if ya got it, post it and let us know. god we love you brits! and by the way where in london are ya'll, i think i nailed it on the map, but i ain't sure ...

SantaBarbarian said...

I am so glad to hear that Cafe Degas survived! One of my favorite little restaurants in the City. Went there when visiting the Art Museum.

Laurie said...

I will definitely check out the cafe on my next trip. I'm so glad there wasn't much damage.